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Empowering construction professionals with cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy and collaboration throughout every phase of the construction lifecycle.

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Providing contractors and building owners with critical insights to help mitigate risks

Hexagon's Building Solutions is committed to transforming the architecture, engineering, construction and owner (AECO) landscape by making technology matter. Through Hexagon's diverse offerings, we aim to make you successful in deploying digital solutions to solve your business problems.

Our goal is to become your trusted technology partner by bridging gaps, driving efficiency and facilitating seamless communication.

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Empowering you to be self-sustainable in leveraging the technology that you adopt

By integrating solutions, we are changing the way buildings are planned, designed, constructed and utilized across the entire buildings industry.

To accomplish this, we are delivering a suite of services in three key areas designed to meet you exactly where you are in your journey towards technology adoption.

Our experts support progress and verification based workflows with an easy path to self- performing your reality capture to reporting needs. The resulting outcome automates the wasteful areas of data capture with streamlined reporting on your key performance indicators. Our success is driven by making you successful!

Discovery > Recommendation > Project Deployment > Ongoing Support

Hexagon's Building Solutions integrates and delivers workflows that follow a multi-step process designed to empower you in your digital journey and become self-sufficient in your deployment of emerging technology.

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Every project is unique

Connect with our experts. Explore our approach and suite of offerings. Expect for us to get to know you, your KPIs, what systems you use and most importantly, your project goals.

We will come with customer testimonials, engaging content and a showcase of our products, workflows and services, introducing you to the uniqueness of what our integrated offering can do for you.

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From industry experts

Let us guide you to the perfect fit for your needs through tailored recommendations for your project.

Expect value add discussions based around the processes and systems you have invested in as top of mind.

We will come with return on investment insights, focused on the tools you deploy, so that making purchase decisions is easier.

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Hitting the ground running

We want to be as invisible as possible. Our industry experts have spent their lives on construction sites and recognize that any disturbance on the jobsite for technology implementation only slows you down.

We will seamlessly deploy our technology and services alongside your day to day. Expect a user-friendly, enjoyable deployment process, personalized communication and an approach that gets you up and running quickly.

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Customer success

Your journey doesn't end with project deployment because our support only continues after your purchase. We're here for you, offering quick and friendly assistance.

What to expect: From responsive customer service to enriching learning content, we're committed to ensuring you get the most out of your experience with us and adopt technology to help you build better the long term.

Explore our workflows

Building construction site with Building Solutions Visual Progress

Visual progress

Finding the time to walk an entire jobsite to monitor construction progress can be a real challenge. Hexagon puts technology to work to allow 24/7 remote access to visualize and monitor your jobsite progress.

Building construction site with Building Solutions Progress Reporting

Progress reporting

Data collection and analysis for timely and accurate construction progress tracking can be laborious and error-prone with traditional, manual methods.

Hexagon's technology and services can mitigate your construction project's risk by performing automated progress analysis and reporting based on digital data capture from your site.

3D model of a building based on point cloud data

As-built verification

The generation of accurate documentation for operational facilities as well as the verification of existing conditions are essential for both building renovations and new buildings.

Hexagon's workflow can accurately capture conditions in the field via laser scanning and provide detailed 2D or 3D documentation.

How it works:

Images are captured, mapped, and linked to floor plans or models for simple navigation from virtually any device with a web browser and internet connection. Streaming video can be viewed from webcams for real-time visibility or time-lapse videos for historical progress viewing.

Hexagon's Visual Progress workflow helps customers to gather visuals remotely from the construction site and enables them to interpret it, to actively manage project risks.

Visual Progress workflows are available in two service options:

A. Hexagon provides image capture, mapping images to floor plans, installation of webcams, and provides cloud-based visualization of all data in one location.

B. Hexagon provides 360 image capture, maps to 3D models, and provides cloud-based visualization of all data in one location.

How it works:

As-built reality capture data is analyzed against earthwork surfaces or building models using Hexagon technology with cloud-based visualization and reports providing more accurate results for easy communication amongst all stakeholders.

Hexagon's workflow solutions compare real-time earthwork as-builts against the project's existing grade, design intent, or interim UAV progress surfaces to determine scope of work, cost, productivity, and schedule requirements.

Earthwork Progress Reporting workflows are available in three service options:

A. Hexagon provides data capture and cut/fill analysis & reporting as a service.

B. Hexagon provides data capture as a service and trains customer on Hexagon's analysis workflow.

C. Hexagon trains customer on Hexagon's end-to-end capture and analysis workflow.

How it works:

Hexagon provides workflow solutions to automatically generate progress reporting by floor, area, and trade by comparing reality capture data from the site to the project's model so customers can monitor and update their project schedule.

Building Progress Reporting workflows are available in two service options:
A. Hexagon provides 360 image capture, maps photos to 3D models, analyzes actual progress vs. planned progress, and provides visualization & reports via a cloud collaboration platform.

B. Customer provides 360 image capture; Hexagon analyzes actual progress vs. planned progress and provides visualization & reports via a cloud collaboration.

How it works:

For building renovations, documentation can often be outdated and unreliable for creating new designs.

For new buildings, the as-built state at the end of construction can no longer align with the design intent documents that need to be updated and handed over to the owner/operator.

How it works:

As-built verification workflows are available in 3 service options:

A. Hexagon provides laser capture, 2D/3D documentation creation, or correction as a service.

B. Hexagon provides laser capture and trains customers on Hexagon's drafting or modeling workflow.

C. Hexagon trains customers on Hexagon's end-to-end laser scan capture, drafting, and modeling workflow.

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